The Most Delicious Vegan Spots in Portland

If you’re going to be a vegan or a vegetarian, do it in Portland. Seriously. We have a long-standing reputation as being a haven for those among us who aren’t carnivores. You should never eat bad plant-based food in this city.

The restaurants on this list are just plain tasty, whether you’re a meat eater or not. So, get out there and enjoy some of the delicious and creative food on this list, all right? Plus, these places are all open for business (at a minimum for takeout, though many of them are open for dining in, as well).

Ichiza Kitchen

Ichiza Kitchen, an intimate little bistro in Goose Hollow, is the stuff vegan dreams are made of with its hanging paper lanterns and cozy ambiance. Ichiza Kitchen’s vegan pan-Asian cuisine is outstanding and good for you. Ichiza Kitchen serves you your entire order in one sitting, allow you to fully experience your food and tea together (and truthfully, their presentations are a work of art). 

Ichiza has an extensive list of oolong tea available to go with your food—you can also order green tea tisane or sake. If you want a starter, try the kimchi gyoza, filled with house kimchi and carrot. Next, try the adobo bowl, which includes “chicken” marinated in vinegar and soy sauce, carrots, onions, and short-grain rice with a citrus dressing. They frequently rotate through desserts, but from what I hear, they’re always tasty!

1628 Southwest Jefferson Street

Vtopia Cheese Shop

Vtopia Cheese Shop is right next to Ichiza Kitchen, and it’s Portland’s only all-vegan cheese shop. They can also accommodate most food allergies.  All of their ingredients are organic and locally sourced, where possible.

Vtopia’s specialty is their own aged vegan cheese, but they also have a variety of cheese plates with delicious concoctions like smoky whiskey cheddar paired with crackers, bread, fresh fruit, and house jam. You should also try the SBLAT, which is house-made organic Shiitake bacon, mayo, garlic dill aioli, avocado, romaine lettuce, and tomato on toasted bread. Delicious! You can also try caprese salad, mac and cheese, and, of course, a grilled cheese sandwich.

1628 SW Jefferson Street

Farm Spirit

Farm Spirit is a vegan destination, and it redefines vegan cuisine with its family tasting menus. The roomy spot on SE Belmont is rustic chic, complete with décor made by local craftspeople. The 16-seat restaurant offers an entirely plant-based tasting experience; all food is made from local, seasonal produce. 

For a truly unique experience, book a $79 full tasting menu. The menu is filled with inventive dishes like a charcuterie board with cheese and earthy chanterelles. The company also has a delicious hazelnut cheese, delightful kombucha and kefir, and all kinds of kraut and pickled vegetables, amongst many other things, in their online store.


South American cuisine is normally known for being pretty meat and seafood heavy, but here’s a vegan twist on the normal fare for you. Epif is a restaurant built around a giant tree, which is not something you see every day, but it seems very Portland, doesn’t it?

For a unique take on ceviche, try their portobello and cremini mushroom version complete with a mango citrus marinade. I also recommend the sopaipillas con queso, which is a fried squash bread stuffed with vegan mozzarella. Delicious!


Welcome to Aviv,  where chef Tal Capsi offers vegan Israeli cuisine in his charming dining room. These authentic Middle Eastern flavors mix perfectly with flavors from the Pacific Northwest for some cuisine like you’ve never tasted before. The flavors and textures are all so expertly blended that you’ll never miss the meat or dairy.

Everyone loves the Shawarma plate, which is a sampler with many different things for you to try. You should also try the Shawarma fries, smothered in tahini, hummus, and house-made sauces. Many also love the incredibly inventive mushroom calamari, which is just as flavorful and crispy as the more traditional variety. Also, give the Baba Ganoush a try—there’s nothing like that creamy, flavorful eggplant spread on a pita!

1125 SE Division Street

Sweet Hereafter

Sweet Hereafter is a trendy vegan bar with a gigantic indoor patio filled with picnic tables. It is a bar, so note that minors are allowed here only until 8 p.m. You’ll love the candlelight and the cool, relaxing atmosphere. 

In addition to the delicious cocktails (try the Stockholm or the Oaxacan old fashioned), they have beer and some non-alcoholic drinks worth a try.  For an entrée, you should definitely try one of the bowls—the mac and cheese (with crispy onions, panko, and bacon bits) or the Jamaican bowl (with jerk marinated tofu, black beans, and coconut kale) are both high on my list of recommendations.

3326 SE Belmont Street

Dinger’s Deli

Dinger’s Deli is a food truck that is famous in these parts for its absolutely delicious sandwiches, and it’s gained a major following of people who crave them, including carnivores. Everyone will find something they love here.

If you’re not sure where to start, try the cold Italian. It’s local bread, house-made meat, cheese, and fresh veggies. You’ll also love the Oregon Grinder with house-made meat, grilled onions, and Italian dressing.  But truthfully, anything on the menu is delicious, and it’s all worth a try!

4255 SE Belmont Street 


Walking into Canteen is a bit like walking into an IKEA store. Incredibly fresh smoothies and bowls await you in this hip, modern setting. The cute little neighborhood spot is perfect for any healthy craving that hits. It’s also a good substitute for your normal coffee stop shop (and yes, they do have coffee).

First, don’t forget to order some of their tasty kombucha on tap. If you’re feeling a smoothie, try the Maca & Friends (almond butter, banana, maca, dates, and vanilla) or the Orange Ones (banana, orange, vanilla, and dates). If it’s a bowl you’re after, try the Portland with quinoa, black beans, kale, carrots, and maple tempeh. And you must try the Walnut Taco Salad with a delightful avocado-curry sauce, walnut taco crumble, and pico de gallo.

2816 SE Stark Street

Virtuous Pie

Are you craving pizza?  Virtuous Pizza has you covered! This pizzeria began in Vancouver, BC, and the gorgeous Portland location has been open since 2017. It has both regular and gluten-free dough, plus signature cheeses (cashew mozzarella, truffle almond ricotta, and tofu feta). 

All pizzas are 10 inches for an individual serving size. Try the Superfunghi (with herbed potato cream, wild mushrooms, and truffle almond ricotta), or the street corn (garlic paprika butter, charred corn, feta, cashew mozzarella, and cilantro lime crema). But really, any of these creative pizza pies are delicious. There’s also a wide selection of coffee, tea, and drinks.

They also have small batch ice cream that is 100% vegan and made from the finest seasonal ingredients. You can also buy their ice cream by the pint so you can enjoy a bowl at home.

1126 SE Division Street

If I missed any of your favorite vegan or vegetarian spots in our area, leave me a comment! I’d love to try it out!

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