The Most Follow-Worthy Portland Interior Design Instagram Accounts

You’re probably spending a lot of time on social media because you’re still stuck at home during the quarantine. Don’t worry, we’re not here to judge! While you’re at it, you might want to check out these interior design Instagram accounts in Portland! Whether you want to see home styling inspiration or you just want to pass time, these accounts are sure to indulge you with great content. Ready to scroll through pages after pages of amazing photos? Take a look at our favorite accounts below!

Max Humphrey


Kicking off the list with a designer who loves to play with colors, patterns, and unique pieces. Max Humphrey is known for adding interesting visual elements to his designs. His works flow seamlessly, then you’ll see a unique piece somewhere in the equation. But don’t worry because everything makes complete sense! His choice of decor pieces just adds personality to his projects.

He’s never afraid to incorporate pops of color and fun details. Take this peace sign tapestry in this project which adds a youthful vibe to the otherwise relaxed space. This pink air duct is an unexpected addition, but look at how this simple tweak added an extra point of interest.

Print on print? Look how he styles his own guest room with eight (or possibly even more) different prints! Not everyone can pull off that much detail but surprisingly, Max could! Nothing is ever boring with his projects.

He has served clients from Portland, Los Angeles, and even as far as New York! You’ll see works far from simple and minimal in his account. If you particularly enjoy colors and details, trust us when we say your satisfaction is guaranteed with Max!

Trade Interior Designs Co.


Interested in Pacific Northwest style homes? Check out Trade Interior’s work! Their projects revolve around natural materials and earth tones, and they style their projects in a calming way. Their account is a glorious mix of wood detailing, bohemian pieces, and rustic elements.

Their design style is evident in just one glance, but they try to incorporate unique pieces to set their projects apart. This room uses wooden furniture throughout and is elevated by the touch of blue beddings, curtains, and an accent wall. This staging project fuses bohemian elements in a modern home. If you want to geek out about their design process, their photos aren’t short on stories!

Trade Interior Designs Co. is the blue-collar design firm of Portland which aims to serve all types of clients. They believe that beautiful homes must be for everyone! Go ahead and check out their account to see their designing and staging projects.

Garrison Hullinger Interior Design


Garrison Hullinger caters to residential, commercial, and hospitality clients, so their feed is a nice mix of small and big projects. While they are not known for a singular approach to their designs, their works always exude sophistication. As they say, you’ll know it’s a GHID project right when you walk into a room.

Their strength lies in the beauty of each piece they use. Take this breakfast nook as an example. There are no patterns and color play but we’d personally love to start our mornings here! The space is just so inviting. The same is true for this office space. The simple elements are perfectly tied in by the gorgeous chandelier. Not much is going on but everything looks polished.

But they’re not afraid of colors, too. This courtyard is a full 360! It has pink, purple, and blue furniture to add visual interest. It is especially evident during the day when the morning sun hits the space. It is an awesome place for hotel guests to hangout.

If you’re into minimalist yet upscale aesthetic then definitely check out Garrison Hullinger.

Copeland + Co. Interiors


Another minimalist designer you can follow is Copeland + Co. Interiors. While their designs are on the simpler side, they are not afraid to mix and match colors. Their projects have a more interesting color palette while remaining peaceful to the eyes.

This living space with a brown couch mixed with green couches just looks perfect. Not to mention, the addition of earth-toned pillows and the black and white rug. This nook follows the same concept featuring a tan couch as the focal point, adorned with muted pieces. Copeland shows that minimalism doesn’t always have to be grayscale and that colors can also be introduced into simple designs.

Their style is to set up a simple base then add in a splash of cohesive colors. It’s like working with a high-quality canvas that’s why every staging variation works well. The similarity in Copeland’s projects makes their feed appear like a carefully curated account, and their modern and timeless approach makes their work suitable for many clients.

Jessica Helgerson Interior Design


Ending this list with one of our top picks! Jessica Helgerson is a Portland-based interior designer who serves clients nationwide. What we love about her projects is her ability to cater to many different styles. Her account features eclectic designs such as rustic, classic, and contemporary projects. She does it all, and she does it well!

Take a look at how she uses minimal pieces that exude elegance combined in this open living space. It is gorgeous, functional, and perfectly answers their client’s needs. Also, check out this bathroom renovation project that melds natural and contemporary elements together. Who knew a bathroom could look this interesting? It is simply amazing. This black and white kitchen is also a sight to behold! The guests would probably be here all the time just to see how beautiful it is!

The variety of projects shared in Jessica Helgerson’s account is surreal. We could honestly talk about a lot more of their projects, but we’ll leave that up to you! Her Instagram is a gift that keeps on giving.

We hope you enjoyed looking at these interesting interior design accounts on Instagram! If you have more account recommendations, just comment them down below.

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