Top Places to Buy a Home in Portland

Looking for a new place to call home? Finding the perfect neighborhood can be a bit challenging! In this post, we’re sharing some information on the top places to buy a home here in Portland.  We’ve included items such as median home prices, population, and median household income, as well as what the locals love about their neighborhoods. Excited to find the perfect area for you? Let’s hop right in!

#1 Northwest Heights

Median Home Value: $687,266
Population: 10,297
Rented vs Owned: 16% vs 84%
Median Income: $177,168

If you’re looking for a neat-as-a-pin neighborhood, Northwest Heights is perfect for you! Homeowners are house-proud and they strive to keep the community as clean as possible. Even the sidewalks here are well-maintained. The beautiful homes in the area will make you feel secluded from the rest of Portland. This neighborhood is also close to one of the most beautiful parks in the country, Forest Park. There’s plenty of outdoor activities to do here.

#2 Marshall Park

Median Home Value: $479,646
Population: 4,778
Rented vs Owned: 12% vs 88%
Median Income: $126,802

Marshall Park is filled with tree-lined streets which makes for a suburban feel even though it’s close to the city. The neighborhood is surrounded by parks and natural areas that offer perfect opportunities to pass the time. It also has exquisitely built homes situated along the nature-centric area. If you want things to be a little slower, Marshall Park is great because it is less hectic than other parts of Portland.

#3 Markham

Median Home Value: $488,991
Population: 4,212
Rented vs Owned: 12% vs 88%
Median Income: $125,240

Another quiet and peaceful neighborhood is Markham. If you want to be near your workplace in the city but still want to live away from all the hustle and bustle, this place is a great option. It has winding, hilly streets and has a suburban feel overall. It is close to downtown with a great public transportation option. There’s also a good variety of grocery stores, restaurants, and other businesses in the area.

#4 Bethany

Median Home Value: $557,300
Population: 26,501
Rented vs Owned: 27% vs 73%
Median Income: $135,800

Considered one of the safest places in all of Oregon, Bethany is an amazing option for anyone looking for a home. The properties in the neighborhood are beautiful and they usually come with plenty of outdoor space. The schools here are constantly evolving which makes the area perfect for learners. Your needs can be easily fulfilled by small, local shops. They have amazing customer service, too. There are also lots of parks, bike paths, forests, and lakes to visit.

#5 Cedar Mill

Median Home Value: $598,500
Population: 17,659
Rented vs Owned: 22% vs 78%
Median Income: $145,057

Cedar Mill is a suburb in the Metro Portland area that’s surrounded by nature. It’s nearby ponds, forests, and rivers. It’s also an hour away from the Oregon coast and an hour and a half away from Mt. Hood. For your everyday needs, many local businesses are within walking distance. There are also lots of bike lanes to help you get around the neighborhood.

#6 Sherwood

Median Home Value: $405,900
Population: 19,625
Rented vs Owned: 23% vs 77%
Median Income: $103,512

Sherwood has made it to the Forbes Top 20 List of The Best Midsize Cities to Live in America quite a few times. This area is beautiful and the people here also tend to be community-oriented. It has a small-town feel with plenty of locally owned businesses that give back to the community as well. It has a low crime rate and residents feel safe even when they leave their doors unlocked.

#7 West Linn

Median Home Value: $493,900
Population: 26,656
Rented vs Owned: 18% vs 82%
Median Income: $111,042

Another area surrounded by nature is West Linn. It is known as the city of hills, trees, and rivers, and is all about beauty and breathtaking views. These nature spots offer a wide range of outdoor activities and there’s something to do in any season. West Linn is also one of the 100 Best Cities to Live in the nation.

#8 Alameda

Median Home Value: $688,744
Population: 8,295
Rented vs Owned: 8% vs 92%
Median Income: $144,046

If you’re looking for a gorgeous neighborhood, large lots, and a prestigious community, chances are you’ll love Alameda. It is a popular area known for its extremely caring residents with a strong sense of neighborhood pride. The area remains clean including the tree-lined streets. It also offers a stunning view of Portland and the West Hills. For your afternoon stroll, Alameda has lots of nice residential and commercial areas.

#9 Cedar Hills

Median Home Value: $415,700
Population: 8,912
Rented vs Owned: 39% vs 61%
Median Income: $81,453

Cedar Hills is another great option if you’re looking for a lovely community with lots of kind people. It also offers a strong sense of security to its residents. If you love exploring nearby areas, the neighborhood is conveniently located along several bus lines and other public transportation. It’s even close to the city and other suburban areas which offer many options for shopping.

#10 South Burlingame

Median Home Value: $526,522
Population: 5,525
Rented vs Owned: 26% vs 74%
Median Income: $114,601

One more spot that’s close to the city but still offers peace and quiet is South Burlingame. Here, residents can have their privacy when they wish because houses are not crammed together. The surrounding natural areas are a joy to explore. There are plenty of walking trails and biking paths where you can get lots of exercise. Local businesses within walking distance can also accommodate your everyday needs.

That’s it for our list of the best neighborhoods to buy a property here in Portland. We hope that you find the perfect one for you soon! If you’re in need of any real estate assistance, do not hesitate to contact us so we can help you look for the best place for you.

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