7 Minority-Owned Businesses in Portland You Can Support

As we continue to look for new avenues to support small businesses, we want to take this opportunity to shed light on some minority-owned businesses in Portland. Supporting these businesses is a fantastic way to show your neighbors that you care not only about their success but also about the value that their hard work brings to your community.

If you’re looking to lift your minority friends and help them remain solvent, especially during this uncertain economic period, then here are seven of the best minority-owned businesses you can support—right here in Portland, Oregon!


Passersby are often lured into Southeast Portland’s Bete-Lukas when they get a whiff of their delicious sambusa (fried cake with a creamy filling). Want to experience Ethiopia’s authentic veggie-centric dishes? Expect scooping up bites of food with fresh injera (Ethiopian flatbread) made from the highest-quality ingredients.

Meat lovers have many options to choose from including chicken, fish, lamb, and beef, which offer Ethiopia’s unique take on those dishes. We have word that their Gomen Besiga is to die for. Tender beef sauteed in serrano peppers, onion, garlic, and chopped kale – is every beef lover’s calling.

Po’Shines Cafe de la Soul

If you are into chicken and waffles, you must swing by Po’Shines Cafe de la Soul next time you are in Portland’s Kenton neighborhood. This Black-owned restaurant is about much more than just contemporary delicacies. They also provide new avenues for career development to underserved members of the local community through its non-profit workforce training program, Teach Me To Fish.

Founder E.D. Mondaine strives to benefit from the appetites of his patrons while empowering the local youth with training in culinary arts and other professional skills. If you are looking for a slice of low-country flair and a flavorsome meal, you can never go wrong with Po’Shines Cafe de la Soul.

Hidden Opulence Alterations

Raising awareness about environmental sustainability has never been more important, especially given the fact that there is more scientific data to support it than ever before. Hidden Opulence Alterations raises the bar for other environmentally friendly operations by bringing an interesting twist to apparel sustainability and upcycling.

From basic tailoring, altering, and mending to refurbishing and repairing, their staff will ensure that you can get the best value out of your cherished items in the wardrobe. They take great pride in serving all members of the community, especially those who identify as Queer, Non-Binary, and/or BIPOC.

Jamaican Homestyle Cuisine

If you have a hankering for the authentic taste of Jamaican delicacies like jerk salmon, oxtail, and fried plantains, then our next pick is just for you. Jamaican Homestyle Cuisine serves a killer brunch in Portland’s North Killingsworth street. They are one of the few of their kind when it comes to offering a taste of African culture along with tasty food.

This is a family-friendly spot to grab a quick bite or even go for a full meal, given the menu is filled with rich and authentic recipes from Jamaica. There are tons of Caribbean beverages to help you wash down the food such as Ting (ginger beer made in Jamaica) and fruit-flavored carbonated drinks.

JPs Custom Framing & Gallery

Some of our most cherished memories are hidden in photographs such as those from an old family vacation, a wedding, or graduation day. Having them framed and hung on a wall is the easiest way to keep those memories alive and foster conversations with your loved ones.

JPs Custom Framing & Gallery knows how much your pictures mean to you which is why they have sought to offer custom framing solutions to their patrons. Besides custom framing, they also carry exotic figurines, calendars, wall posters, and greeting cards. 

Ladies of the Light

Founded by Sah’Rah Ma’at Bey, Ladies of the Light strives to empower women around the world through spiritual growth and inner engineering. As a spiritual healer, Sah’Rah’s dedication to raising awareness of the original healers and ancestral knowledge is unmatched.

She works alongside a group of wellness practitioners who soar to assist women in achieving education and a meaningful purpose in life by elevating their confidence and morale. If you or a loved one is facing difficulties in their personal lives and want to turn to spiritual healing, Ladies of the Light may have the answers you are looking for.

Gerryn Energy

If you are looking for economical solutions that are geared towards environmentally friendly output, then Gerryn Energy should be on your list. Be it charging hotspots for electric vehicles or energy storage facilities, Gerryn, the owner and founder of Gerryn Energy, has got you covered.

They specifically deal in affordable and eco-friendly solutions for energy management in the Portland area. They also specialize in home and business improvement ideas, so while they are over to work on your electrical grid, feel free to quiz them on those areas too.

Support Your Local Minority-Owned Businesses

Given the contribution minority-owned businesses make to our economy, we must do our part to support them in every way possible. Not only do they add more to our cultural diversity, but they also help us bring new takes on recipes, art, lifestyle, and more.

There is no better way to support minority-owned businesses than to enjoy their services from time to time and help spread the word about them. This will help them survive the uncertainty of today’s economy and remain solvent. Additionally, it allows them to build momentum and grow strong in the long term.

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